Volunteer with us

Become a Nippling Ambassador

Volunteers who join us will be an extension of our mission and act as Ambassadors in their community on behalf of the Nipple Innovation Project. You will be one of our Nipplings!!

Nipplings are a group of volunteers who are keen to spread the message of the Nipple Innovation Project far and wide.

These would be members of the community, breast cancer survivors, ‘previvors’ ladies and men who have had preventative surgery, people who have had a breast cancer scare or have been deeply affected by breast cancer in some way and understand the importance of feeling ‘whole’ again after multiple surgeries.

We’re looking to grow our support system through the Nipple Innovation Project and create a community of breast cancer survivors who we can support following mastectomy surgery.
We hear of so so many breast cancer survivors who are left with no nipples for many years, often shunned or feeling like a burden to the NHS for asking to have a repeat top up.
We want to support these incredible warriors and let them know it’s perfectly ok for them to ask for more, they are not a burden and they deserve to feel whole again in the most empowering way possible.
We need help in spreading our message as still many breast cancer survivors do not know this specialist mastectomy tattoo service exists.

The Role

  • To engage with the local community and raise awareness of the work of The Nipple Innovation Project on social media.
  • To represent the charity in a professional manner
  • To promote fundraising initiatives and activity on behalf of The Nipple Innovation Project
  • To liaise with NiP staff on a regular basis and ensure all expressions of interest in travel, fundraising and volunteering are communicated promptly for follow up.
The role can take on many forms depending on your time, connections and confidence. The charity holds regular monthly meetings to which you will be invited to join. You will report to the Chairman of the Charity most of the time.


Anyone interested In becoming a Nippling will be asked to complete the application form and supply one reference. Once received, they will be reviewed and replied to in 5 working days to discuss how we can work together.
The sensitive nature of the work we do means privacy, discretion and compassion are paramount in this role.

Benefits of becoming a Nippling!

  • You can make a real genuine difference to the lives of breast cancer survivors.
  • Be a part of the UKs first cancer tattoo charity dedicated to empowering breast cancer survivors with realistic 3D nipple tattoos.
  • Continue to develop skills and knowledge on this specialist area.
  • Learn new skills and learn about this specialist work.
  • Give something back to the community.
  • Meet new people
  • Be invited to conventions and seminars
  • Take part in media opportunities
  • Be part of a professional yet fun organisation and become a valued member of our team.
  • Work with us to overcome stereotypes around ‘nipples’ it’s literally in our name.. we want to celebrate nipples not censor them!
  • Let’s find a way to liberate the stigma together – changing the world – one nipple at a time!!
These are just a few benefits of joining our registered charity, please get in touch to find out more!