Verified Tattooist


  • Do you have 3 years of professional tattooing experience?
  • Looking to get behind a fantastic cause and really support survivors everywhere?
  • Work well as part of a team?

This is a new initiative to which the aim is to have a verified artist within each major city throughout the UK and then each town. As part of this movement each artist will have to meet certain requirements in order to retain the verified status and receive funding for each one of your clients. If artists have no former experience but are experience in traditional tattooing, have extensive experience in dealing with scar tissue skin, there will be opportunities to train with ART founder Stacie-Rae in the UK in the future. Contact us for further information.

In offering the 3D nipple tattoos it is expected that you are to hold and host a fundraiser in your area to support the funding of this charity that runs solely through the generosity of the donations, trustees, artists and members. We ask that you plan in one of these events every 6 months which is a minimum of 2 a year. This is to aid the Nipple Innovation Project in achieving its mission and vision to empower and dignify breast cancer survivors.

Currently we are only in our first few years and will appreciate all persons who wish to be involved with the charity and fully support anyone who would like to join the cause.

If you feel like this is something you feel that strongly about to which you would like to join the project or feel that you can contribute, please feel free to contact us. We can then send you the relevant application documentation to join us and support the cause.