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Are you a Heart Centered Artist?

Do you have 3 years experience machine tattooing? Are you compassionate and dedicated to making a true difference? Do you have artistic skill and experience with scar tissue?

The Nipple Innovation Project is a unique registered charity dedicated to empowering breast cancer survivors through permanent healing 3D Nipple tattoos.

NiPs goal is to have a verified artist in each city throughout the UK. This would ensure breast cancer survivors have easy access to this service wherever they are in the UK.

The foundations of our charity mean that each Verified Artist will have to be trained to the same standard. This means each artist works to the same consistent standard and are producing the same life changing long lasting results!

The standard that has been set is through Areola Restorative Tattoo Training or A.R.T. We work closely with A.R.T to provide training opportunities in the UK! 

If you are already doing this beautiful work we welcome you to apply! You still have the option to join without taking training with us.

We offer a trial period option where we set you attainable tasks to complete over a period of time. This gives you the opportunity to learn our ways and work with us whilst we support you to reach your Areola Tattooing Goals.

Contact A.R.T directly at

Being a part of the Nipple Innovation Project and being able to offer free 3D nipple tattoos comes with a responsibility! We constantly need to be raising awareness of this specialist work and we do that by fundraising and doing the good work we do.

To become a Verified artist it is expected of you to hold and host a fundraiser in your area to support raising awareness and funding of our charity that runs solely through the generosity of the donations, trustees, artists and members. We will of course support you with any fundraising help you may need!

We ask that you plan one of these events every 6 months which is a minimum of 2 in each year. This enables us to keep offering funded treatments.

We dont believe money should be a factor when considering this specialist work as a breast cancer survivor. We understand and appreciate how challenging this work is and believe that our artists should get paid for their dedication, skill and compassion too.

We were established in March 2018 and have grown so much in that short time whilst gaining full charity registration. We appreciate everyone who offers to help or wishes to be involved with the charity and fully support anyone who would like to join our cause.

We will be launching a Nipplings Ambassador programme shortly!

If you have seen something that piques your interest or that you’d like further information on – please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help!