Adopt a Nipplepotomous

The Nipplepotomus thrives on happiness, and seeing good quality Nipple tattooing being performed helps the Nipplepotomus stay happy and content.
You can sponsor your own Nipplepotomus! You will receive a badge set and a lifetime membership to the adventures of the Nipplepotomus. The Nipplepotomus likes to get around and visit different places, and you will be able to be a part of his journey.
By pledging you are helping us create awareness of the services available to Breast Cancer Survivors and educating medical practitioners of the benefits this treatment has, when performed correctly.
Funding will provide the ability to provide free 3D Nipple Tattoos for breast cancer survivors.

This service is currently offered on the NHS, but the treatment is designed to fade often leaving the wearer adversely affected mentally and physically scarred.  We aim to educate breast cancer survivors and the medical community by providing statistics and materials.  By Becoming a patreon, you are assisting us with our funded treatments UK wide and in turn our research.

You will receive exclusive updates on our progress as we approach the medical community with our findings and we will be interviewing all of the UK ART artists so that you can get to know us personally.