How We Help

How We Help

The focus of the Nipple Innovation Project is to raise the awareness of the importance of permanent 3D nipple tattoos and decorative mastectomy tattoos being done by an experienced practitioner who is dedicated to providing the highest standard possible.

NIP aims to provide cancer survivors with a directory of artists throughout the UK who have been verified and are able to work within the parameters and achieve the highest standards set.

For example; you are a survivor of breast cancer and on a waiting list through the NHS, waiting to receive a semi-permanent nipple tattoo which is usually a simple pink or brown circle, which would need to have damaging and regular ‘top-ups’ which this already fragile and reconstructed skin can not tolerate. It is so important this reconstructed, often radiated, hypertrophic scarred tissue is only worked on using the right equipment, using the right techniques and having the best knowledge possible of scarring and breast reconstruction surgeries.

NIP as a charity can help you by supplying a directory of artists capable of this type of areola restorative tattooing with an option for funding for those that may need the extra support.

The Nipple Innovation Project is a charity soon to be registered. NIP was founded to be able to provide breast cancer survivors the opportunity to receive 3D nipple tattoos that are miles above the industry standard. The tattoos themselves are also permanent so will stop any continuous trauma to already traumatised skin. It is one of NIP’s aims to raise the industrt standard through raising awareness that things can be done to a higher standrd so that cancer survivors



Whilst this specialist procedure is affordable, it is considered to some as maybe a luxury, however we feel it is a necessity in order of being able to complete their journey and reclaim love for their new bodies! Not only can we provide detailed information and a well-qualified practitioner for this specialist procedure to be completed. We can also support you with the option of applying for financial assistance in full or half if you are in a position to be able to.

Understandably not everyone is in a position to be able to afford this specialist treatment, so our aim is to support and empower breast cancer survivors in order for them to feel whole again without having to worry of the financial burden.