How We Help

How We Help

The focus of the Nipple Innovation Project is to raise the awareness of the importance of permanent 3D nipple tattoos! We are often surprised that people have still not heard this service exists!

NIP aims to provide breast cancer survivors with a directory of specially trained artists throughout the UK, our goal is to make sure this service is easily accessible to all who need it.

The general consensus is that after mastectomy and reconstructive surgery you are placed on a waiting list through the NHS to receive a semi-permanent nipple tattoo. This is usually a simple pink or brown circle, which would need ‘annual top ups’.

Multiple tattoo sessions on this delicate skin can be extremely damaging and regular ‘top-ups’ can and often do cause further scarring which can leave the skin beyond tattooable, unable to retain pigment due to the excessive scarring.

It is so important this specialist tattooing is done by an experienced practitioner using suitable equipment capable of tattooing scar tissue, using the right techniques and pigments to ensure the highest long lasting results possible.

The Nipple Innovation Project can help you find a verified artist close to you via searching our directory of artists! We also offer an option for full or partial funding for this specialist work, for those that may need the extra support.

The Nipple Innovation Project is the UKs first Cancer Tattoo Charity dedicated to helping people feel comfortable in their new skin after mastectomy surgery. NIP was founded to provide breast cancer survivors the opportunity to receive free 3D nipple tattoos that are realistic and permanent.

Our permanent tattoos mean we dramatically reduce any continuous trauma to already delicate skin. They enable the wearer to truly put this part of their journey behind them, they don’t have to return to hospital for a constant reminder every time the tattoo fades, they can close the chapter on their book and move forward with their lives in such a positive way!

Feeling good on the inside has great benefits to feeling good on the outside, it helps with relationships affected by cancer and helps you to rebuild and reinvent yourself, on your own terms!



Whilst this specialist procedure is affordable, it is considered to some as maybe a luxury, however we feel it is a necessity service in order of being able to complete their journey after cancer and a chance reclaim love for their new bodies!

Understandably not everyone is in a position to be able to afford this specialist treatment, we didn’t want cost to be an issue when seeking this service so we aim to offer financial support to those who need it, this helps us continue to empower breast cancer survivors so they can feel whole again without having to worry of the financial burden when seeking this specialist life changing service.