Some examples of 3D Nipple Tattoos from ladies who have kindly given us permission to share these images to show the beautiful tattoo work that can be achieved.
As you can see each case is very different ranging from unilateral to bilateral to decorative tattoos. This is of course dependant on what type of mastectomy surgery they have had, whether they have had multiple surgeries to create their breast reconstruction, some people have had surgical nipple protrusions made and others haven’t.
Each and every single one of these bodies is beautiful and unique in their own way, we understand and appreciate the huge physical and psychological impact having a nipple tattoo holds after losing your nipple during a mastectomy.
These tattoos are often seen as the ‘cherry on the cake’. They are a way of being able to draw a line under the breast cancer journey and to be able to move forward. That’s why our tattoos will never fade away, we believe no one should ever have to go through losing a nipple twice.
Choosing to have a nipple tattoo should be an empowering and exciting moment after cancer and we’re dedicated and truly honoured to be able to have such a positive impact on people’s lives with this truly healing tattooing!
Here are some examples of failed, faded or scarred hospital tattoos.
Scar tissue is so much more challenging to tattoo than normal healthy skin tissue. Tattoo artists have years of experience tattooing normal skin before tattooing delicate skin. Medical professionals are not expected to have any previous tattoo experience before being allowed to tattoo this delicate skin.
When seeking this specialist work it’s important to ask your practitioner to see pictures of healed work, this can tell you alot about the application process. Ask about their experience, how long they’ve been tattooing, please don’t be afraid to ask to see healed results particularly in a hospital setting, it’s your right to ask these questions and to see the results so you can make your own informed decisions about your body.
Nipple Tattoos should never take hours and hours, the fragile skin simply cannot facilitate that type of constant overworking and damage. A tattoo should never bleed profusely and certainly should NEVER scab up and fall off, these are all indications of overworking the skin!

We conducted a survey after personally seeing hundreds of failed Areola tattoos & being concerned that no one was listening to the breast cancer survivors who who’re living with them!

Nipples fading away after breast cancer has a huge detrimental impact on one’s confidence and self esteem.
We wholeheartedly believe people should feel nothing less than empowered at the end of their cancer journey and we wanted to give breast cancer survivors a voice through us.
If you have had any kind of areola tattooing previously – we welcome you to share your experience and complete our anonymous survey below!
It helps us gain further knowledge and information on this subject which has unfortunately not been researched anywhere before.