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This lady was amazing, i was so proud to do this for her! she is such a warrior. No previous existing Tattoo pigments, she had never got round to having it done and didnt feel she wanted to revisit the hospital again anytime soon. She had seen what I did and decided to get in touch!
I really enjoyed being able to match the existing shape and tones of her natural nipple, which helped bring balance to this lady’s body, and allowed her to realise that she did prefer having two nipples and now she can feel whole again.

The first photo is how the pigments looked when this lady initially came to see me – these were done by a surgeon in a hospital, this lovely lady has been through 7 reconstructions, and had to go back every couple of years to get her nipples tattooed again once they had faded.. like she hasn’t been through enough??!! She was so tired of hospital visits. It was such a pleasure to do these for her, i was really pleased with the results and she was just amazing! Such an honour to do these.

This was my first ever 3d nipple tattoo.. on a lovely lady from Texas who had been told she couldn’t have a matching nipple tattoo due to it being so light therefore just difficult to match.. so I got to go first and do my absolute best for this lady. Such an honour to do this one considering she was told it wouldn’t be possible, unilateral ones are always difficult to match but i was really happy with this, and so was the lady! She cried with happiness, its such a beautiful gift to give to someone. You can see how it helps creates the illusion of a nipple even though it’s a completely flat surface.. tricky one indeed, especially incorporating a burn in the area this poor lady received post cancer treatment, like she hasn’t been through enough! 

This amazing lady has been through so much already, she had had a medical tattoo done ten years ago – the experience had put her off for life!! She didn’t want to go through it ever again and just accepted that this was it now and had tried to move on.. obviously having a physical reminder every day it’s hard to do that, I really hope now this incredible woman can hopefully draw a line under this part of her journey, and move on in a positive light.. celebrating the fact she is a ten year survivor!! And allowing herself to feel whole again 💓💗 so so proud of this amazing lady.

3d Nipple Tattoo, Nipple Reconstruction

This lady came to me with her previous existing pigment and damaged reconstructed skin! I was shocked to hear this had been done in a hospital 4 times in the space of just a few a few years – over reconstructed, already weak scar tissue. The shape didn’t even slightly match this lovely ladies natural nipple, just a simple pink circle that didn’t last more than a few months? No, it’s just not good enough.

Im shocked to have people tell me what I do is the same as medical/cosmetic tattooers – let me assure you it is not! It is completely different.

I was sad to see another failed medical tattoo, this lady could not bare the thought of stepping foot inside a hospital again to go back for a ‘top up’ I seem to be hearing the same things over and over.. it’s really just not good enough! There is no nipple here just a reconstructed Breast, tattooed to give the illusion of a 3D nipple protrusion.. I had to work with the existing pigment left behind in the skin from previous tattoo but really happy with the results! And my lovely lady left feeling ‘whole again’ seems to be the resounding feedback I’m getting back from these survivors!

I absolutely love my job and the fact I can help change people’s lives by giving them this amazing gift!! This lady travelled to me to have Areola restorative tattooing done after she had seen the beautiful video made by the BBC 💗 she had never thought about getting it done previously until she saw what an important and powerful impact this specialist tattooing can have on your life and decided it was time for her to be able to draw a line under her journey, to be able to move on with her new body and new life feeling whole again just as she deserves!!

3d Nipple Tattoo, Nipple Reconstruction
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