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There are alot of misconceptions and misinformation when it comes to this type of restorative tattooing. As a charity we aspire to raise awareness of this service and also educate people on the differences in what we offer and what is offered in hospitals.
If you have had breast cancer or gone through mastectomy surgery and are looking to explore your options, our aim is to assist you by answering any questions and offering knowledge and support. We will be holding regular free educational webinars via zoom on a variety of subjects regarding this areola tattooing.
We offer an alternative option to hospital nipple tattoos that fade away, we believe a nipple tattoo should never fade away and that’s why we offer a permanent and realistic solution. Our artists all work to the same consistent standard, using the same safe pigments which give long lasting results.

A clip of our webinar 'What is a 3D Nipple Tattoo'

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The general consensus is that after mastectomy and breast reconstructive surgery you are placed on a waiting list through the NHS to receive a semi-permanent nipple tattoo. This is usually a simple pink or brown circle done by a medical practitioner. The tattoo would need regular ‘top ups’, some breast cancer survivors are not told their tattoos will fade and they only find this out when they fade away, this can be devastating to the wearer.
Multiple tattoo sessions on this fragile, delicate skin can be extremely damaging and regular ‘top-ups’ can and often do cause further scarring which can leave the skin beyond tattooable, unable to retain pigment due to the excessive scarring caused by overworking the skin.
It is so important this specialist tattooing is done by an experienced practitioner using suitable equipment capable of tattooing scar tissue, using the right techniques and pigments to ensure the highest long lasting results possible.


NHS hospital tattoos are done using micropigmentation techniques and pigments which are designed to fade away.
Hospital tattoos are known to cause further damage due to the skin being overworked by an inexperienced practitioner.
Here are some examples of faded hospital tattoos, some with very heavy scarring caused by the tattooing.
We conducted a survey after personally seeing hundreds of failed Areola tattoos & being concerned that no one was listening to the breast cancer survivors who who’re living with them!
Nipples fading away has a huge detrimental impact on ones confidence and self esteem.
We wholeheartedly believe people should feel nothing less than empowered at the end of their cancer journey!
We have set a very high standard for this work through A.R.T and that’s why we’re proud of our team that’s built up of heART centered artists dedicated to making a real difference!
There is no regulation in this area so it’s important we continue to work together to not only raise the standard but to prevent bad Nipple tattoos from happening & breast cancer survivors feeling the way they do in these images.
If you have ever had any kind of areola tattooing previously – we welcome you to share your experience and complete our anonymous survey below! It helps us gain further knowledge and information on this subject.