*Please read through before applying for a grant using the online form below. This grant is available for female and male applicants as part of their post mastectomy tattooing needs due to breast cancer and/or BRCA diagnosis.

What is the Nipple Innovation Project Grant for?

  1. This is a one time micro grant that will be given to chosen applicants who qualify for financial assistance with their post mastectomy(as a result of breast cancer or BRCA diagnosis) tattoo services
  2. Each micro grant for the granting cycle of 2015 is for £250-£400.
  3. Only 1 grant will be given per qualifying applicant. The grant may or may not be given to the same applicant again.

How do I apply?

  1. Please read the requirements on our APPLICATIONS PAGE/FAQ
2. Applications may be completed via the online form below. Unfortunately we are only accepting online forms at this moment in time

Who will be given a grant?

  1. Nipple Innovation Project grant is aiming to grant one applicant per Uk state in 2018! We hope the word spreads about our mission so that we can give away more micro grants per state for our next annual cycle.

Is there a deadline?

Our grants will be given away once a year right now, we hope to be able to do this more often as we grow!  

Is there an age limit to apply?

Yes – You must be over the age of 18.


Please email us at: info@nippletattoos.co.uk Do not call. All questions must be emailed only. Chosen applicants will be decided via a group of trustees. Please do not send extra correspondence such as: photos, personal letters outside of the application form, any correspondence from anyone other than the applicant and medical providers who may be referring the applicant. Applying for the grant does not guarantee that you will receive one.