About Us

About Us

Our mission through the charity is to empower and dignify.

The purpose of the Nipple Innovation Project is to provide funding for breast cancer survivors along with a directory of verified tattoo artists whom hold the skills to complete specialist tattooing such as 3D nipple tattoos or decorative mastectomy tattoos throughout the UK.

We aim to achieve this through a double pronged affair. On the one hand through being able to provide a directory of VERIFIED ARTISTS who will be able to complete the specialists areola restorative tattooing and also the decorative mastectomy tattoos.

Any breast cancer survivor will be able to scour our directory and and find their most local NIP tattooist.

The second aspect to our charity is to provide full funding for these specialist procedures. Here are NIP we can only imagine the harrowing experience that it can be going through an ordeal such as breast cancer. Surviving that… well, we need to help support people to become better versions of themselves and make them whole again. These are specialist skills and only to be completed by highly training professionals.

Its all in aid to raise the industry standard. the current free option is a semi permanent nipple which needs to be completed every year. These 3D nipples that our verified artists complete are permanent and will amaze you at their level of realism.


It all started with a trip to America.. then they say the rest is history.

Lucy the founder of NlP sought the specialist Areola Restorative tattooing training, and then came back to the UK with fire her belly and ready to support women who have been through an audacious journey and come out of the other side fighting. Through this she started tattooing although she found that even through having a very realistic and competitive pricing structure something wasn’t right. The psychological impact that Lucy recognised meant that she wanted to find a way to alleviate the financial burden that it could have on those that potentially couldn’t be in a position to afford the procedure and save them waiting for a sub standard procedure from the NHS. and so the Nipple Innovation Project began.