About Us

About Us

Our mission through the charity is to empower and dignify breast cancer survivors with realistic nipple tattoos that never fade away.

Currently breast cancer survivors are offered a free semi permanent tattoo along with their mastectomy treatment. These tattoos fade away and cause detrimental physical and mental health issues for the survivor. Repeat tattoos aren’t often offered due to lack of NHS funding and can cause further damage to the delicate scar tissue.

The purpose of the Nipple Innovation Project is to provide education and funding for breast cancer survivors alongside a directory of verified tattoo artists whom hold the skills to complete specialist experience and skill in tattooing. We are the permanent, safe solution to the current standard of areola tattooing post breast reconstruction.

Feel free to scour our directory and and find your local NIP Verified Artist.

Through our charity our goal is to provide full or partial funding for these specialist procedures. Here are NIP we can only imagine the trauma, pain, upheaval and life changing journey cancer has taken you on. Surviving that… well, at this stage we want to help support people to feeling comfortable in their own skin whilst rebuilding body confidence, self esteem and assisting people to feel whole again. 

We understand the psychological impact this tattooing has for a breast cancer survivor at the end of their cancer journey and we want to offer them an alternative option that helps them feel ‘normal’ and empowered, full of confidence.

Our tattoos are done by experienced and specially trained artists who focus strongly on creating long lasting realism which enables the survivor to regain confidence after multiple surgeries.

We provide education and emotional support to breast cancer survivors and work hard at raising awareness of this specialist service for people who don’t know it exists.


It all started with a trip to America.. then they say the rest is history.

Lucy Thompson founded the Nipple Innovation Project in 2018 after taking specialist Areola Restorative Tattoo training in the USA after finding no training in the UK that offered Nipple Tattoos as a permanent option, they were all semi permanent. Lucy could not understand why anyone would want a nipple that faded away.

After doing her first 20 tattoos for free, Lucy realised the huge psychological impact this tattooing held, she recognised how important and truly life changing this work was. She wanted to find a way to alleviate the financial pressure for people on a low income that needed this service but due to the impact of cancer – maybe couldn’t afford it.

Cost should not be an issue when considering this specialist work!

We hear of breast cancer survivors who go for the NHS option simply because it’s free, knowing it will fade away which doesn’t please them but the feedback we often here is that ‘its free’. Lucy believed strongly that money should not be an issue when it comes to considering this specialist work or wanting to choose quality, long lasting results.

So then the Nipple Innovation Project was born!