No Matter how long the road is ahead, we are with you every step of the way helping you heal with the perfect 3D Nipple Tattoo.

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The idea of having areola restorative tattooing is to restore and give back wholeness to a breast cancer survivor.
A warrior who has fought and survived cancer along with their family and friends, their lives along with their bodies have changed beyond belief, they may feel grateful to be alive but unable to embrace and move on with their new lives, to feel whole again and reclaim their bodies!!

Putting the ART back into 3D nipple tattooing, to create a soft realistic portrait that looks natural and is most importantly, permanent. Using specialist techniques and skills we can achieve this which in turn helps give back confidence like you couldn't imagine, it is quite literally life changing.
The heARTists trained to do this work are picked specifically on their dedication, compassion and skills that can ensure the highest quality of tattooing with the best results possible, an artist who is verified by the Nipple Innovation Project also commits to supporting the cause by organising and taking part in regular fundraisers including a NIP day once a year. NIP is run solely on donations and is kept going by regular fundraisers - which are always a huuuuge success meaning the funds raised can go to offering a much needed financial break for a survivor in need of this healing tattooing. Also providing them with a fully qualified, dedicated and trained artist who specialises in working with hypertrophic scarring, radiation burns, fragile traumatised skin following a mastectomy and breast reconstructive surgery.

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With different walks of life our team has been able to grow and really flourish together which has enabled The Nipple Innovation Project to take place.
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