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Thank you for your support with raising the nipple innovations projects awareness in order to empower and dignify breast cancer survivors everywhere! We really appreciate your help!

If you are sat there thinking how can i help? well we have two options. Donations from all aspects are very much welcome. Our verified artists hold regular fundraisers to raise money for the charity in order to support breast cancer survivors fund this specialist procedure

Donation – whilst we accept and appreciate every donation, some people may be able to make a monthly donation, with this we have been able to offer a service, with £5 per month this could enable a breast cancer survivor to have temporary nipple tattoos in lieu of their procedure. We can not even attempt to explain the impact that every single donation has on the survivors.

Taking a pledge – if you feel like you will be able to host your own fundraisers, then taking a pledge is an amazing opportunity. Commit to raising an amount of your choice, whether that is £100, £200 or more, the amount is entirely up to you. When you submit a pledge we will help you make it as successful as possible with providing advice on what works for us.


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In order to take the pledge you are committing to raise the funds that you have declared. In order to fulfil this pledge we ask that you bare in mind the following:

  1. When you take the pledge, you are taking on responsibility
  2. When fundraising, please only do so in a moral and ethical way upholding the name if the Nipple Innovation Project along with what we are trying to achieve in supporting breast cancer survivors
  3. Know that you have our full support and guidance in being able to successfully complete your pledge
  4. You have 2 months in order to complete your pledge.

All contributions will be gratefully acknowledged and are tax deductible.

Once you have completed your pledge please make contact with us on in order to transfer the donation, we love to share our success stories and we are so very grateful that you have taken this pledge and would love to let every breast cancer survivor know who has been able to help them gain funds for this specialist procedure.

Donation Total: £100.00

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