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The Nipple Innovation Project is a registered charity and the first cancer tattoo charity in the UK to provide free 3D nipple tattoos following mastectomy surgery.
NIP became established in 2018 to be able to provide breast cancer survivors with free 3D nipple tattoos that never fade away. The tattoos we offer are done by specially trained artists who all work to the same consistent standard. It’s important that these tattoos are permanent, we strongly believe a nipple tattoo should never fade away, we believe by offering a permanent solution this will stop any further damage to already traumatised and delicate skin.
The Nipple Innovations mission is to provide a safe, permanent and empowering alternative to the semi-permanent hospital tattoos that fade away and often cause further damage by inexperienced practitioners.
We are working hard to educate medical professionals by collecting data through surveys to show the benefits this treatment has when performed correctly and the adverse mental & physical health effects when not. 


We believe breast cancer survivors should have access to knowledge of both services including having knowledge and facts of this important life changing service so they can make their own choice through an educated and informed decision. 
A survey we conducted showed 81% of breast cancer survivors who received nipple tattoos using micropigmentation techniques were left with detrimental physical (excessive scarring & faded tattoos) and mental (suicidal thoughts and low self esteem) health issues. This doesn’t need to happen, we have a solution to the problem of fading nipple tattoos.
The areola tattoo process should be a time of celebration and empowerment! We believe no one should have to go through losing a nipple twice.

What we do

Help Breast Cancer Survivors

Our purpose is to empower and dignify breast cancer survivors with this specialist medical tattoo service. We strive to offer the highest quality of realistic nipple tattoos possible from a specialist practitioner through a database of artists we have located throughout the UK. We offer funding for people who need some financial assistance or low income families due to the effects of cancer. We didnt want cost to get in the way of seeking this healing ART.


Funding Options

Whilst this specialist procedure is affordable, it is considered to some as maybe a luxury, however we feel it is a necessity in order of being able to complete their journey and reclaim love for their new bodies! Not only can we provide detailed information and a well-qualified practitioner for this specialist procedure to be completed.

Understandably not everyone is in a position to be able to afford this specialist treatment, so our aim is to support and empower breast cancer survivors in order for them to feel whole again without having to worry of the financial burden when seeking this specialist service.