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About NIP

A little information on how NIP came about, the founder Lucy Thompson became aware of the importance of restorative tattooing for breast cancer survivors after she had dedicated her time to using the healing power of tattoos to help a good friend who was a survivor of domestic violence left with physical scarring, cover her own scars. After seeing how much of a positive impact it had on her friend and client, seeing how her confidence grew, also knowing how tattoos had helped Lucy with her own body confidence and mental health issues, she knew how important Areola Restorative tattooing would be for a breast cancer survivor.

This led onto her seeking training in being able to provide the highest quality, realistic also natural looking but most importantly PERMANENT nipple tattoos for breast cancer survivors. Lucy travelled to TEXAS to train with Stacie-Rae Weir a leading Breast Cancer Tattooing Pioneer and Founder of A.R.T alongside Terry Lively, the methods of the amazing globally growing ART Team. After seeing the powerful instant transformation in confidence of these incredible warriors was enough to know this felt so right, natural and it was what she was meant to do, however, there was always a niggling problem, it just didn’t feel right charging these women after everything they had been through already! So, after discussions with friends, colleagues and family.. along came NIP.

The purpose of the Nipple Innovation Project is to provide funding for all breast cancer survivors who seek specialist tattooing such as 3D Nipple Tattoos or Decorative Mastectomy work from verified Tattoo artists throughout England.

The charity will be registered under a small charity constitution and will be run by a committee of trustees. Fundraisers and Events will be arranged by trustees, members and volunteers to initially raise awareness and funds that will cover the cost of this specialised restorative Tattooing. This level of tattooing is specialist and needs to be done by an experienced hand. Artists who wish to become verified will be able to apply to do so via this website. Training dates will be available with A.R.T in the UK and spaces will be limited, we will be looking for one artist in every major city to represent the importance of this specialist tattooing, if you would like further information on training please email lucy direct on lucy@skinflicted.co.uk

The prices for each procedure will be pre agreed with the committee and will be set at a standard rate for all procedures, this includes decorative mastectomy tattoos also. There will be an option for applicants to apply for full or partial funding towards their treatment should they wish to fund part of their tattoo themselves. The rate will be reviewed annually and ensured that the rate is in line with inflation.

This Is specialist tattooing and funds have to be allocated in the most efficient way to help as many survivors as possible. Tattoo Artists, Cosmetic and Medical Tattooists who would like to apply will be required to fill out an application form, which will have a number of requirements that need to be met along with a portfolio of their current work. This will then be sent to the board of trustees who will then review the application and respond within 14 working days. (please see the bottom of this page) Breast cancer survivors will then be able to view a register of verified NIP artists local to them, go visit them to meet and have a consultation, then they can begin the application process once they know which rate they need to apply for. This process will be an online application form (options will be discussed between client and artist - only one grant permitted per applicant).

about A.R.T

Areola Restorative Tattooing or A.R.T as its more commonly known, are a Team of Professional Tattoo Artists all over the globe and increasing in numbers each day. Each tattooist is looking to work together in order to raise the current industry standard on permanent nipple tattoo solutions. If you have had a mastectomy and dont quite feel like your old self, let us empower you on your own terms using the healing powers of a tattoo. As a group of dedicated professionals, we aim to provide the highest quality available for 3D Nipple Tattoos, this is to help our amazingly beautiful clients to love their new body! The same also goes for patients who are post op transitional surgery, where there hasn't been a successful nipple graft due to whatever reason. Everyone deserves and has the right to two nipples!


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BBC Radio Leeds

Telegraph and Argus

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Tattoo Master


yorkshire choice awards, Lucy Thompson 2018, 2018 nominee

The Yorkshire Choice Awards Nominee

Lucy has been nominated for the business woman of the year for all of her hard work over the past 18 months in managing her tattoo studio and through being an inspiration to others. This award is well deserved and fingers crossed that she will smash it!

The English Women's Award Finalist

Lucy is apart of the finalists and waiting to hear the results. Her innovation and passion for the industry is like no other, with wanting to be able to make a difference in the world and use her skills to benefit others. It is only right and just that Lucy recieves that fantastic recognition for her hard work and dedication t

How to become a verified artist

Verified Artists.

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This is a new initiative to which the aim is to have a verified artist within each major city throughout the UK and then each town. As part of this movement each artist will have to meet certain requirements in order to retain the verified status and receive funding for each one of your clients. If artists have no former experience but are experienced in traditional tattooing, have extensive experience in dealing with scar tissue skin, there will be opportunities to train with ART founder Stacie-Rae in the UK in the future. Please email lucy@skinflicted.co.uk for further info. In offering the 3d nipple tattoos it will be expected that you are to host a fundraiser to support the funding of the charity that will rely solely on donations, we ask that at a minimum of 1 event every 6 months to which this will support the overall mission of helping survivors of breast cancer, by funding specialist tattooing to help them to learn to love, accept and live with their new bodies. At present we do not have any forms and such to complete as we are still in the early stages of registering the charity and want to make sure everything is done correctly so this charity can be around to help men and women for years and years to come. If you feel that you are able to contribute to this movement or feel like you can help with advice or specialist skills in any way, please do not hesitate to contact the committee on charity@nippletattoos.co.uk Please expect up to a week waiting time for a response, during our early stages of registering and establishing this cause. Please bare with us, as soon as we have the ability too, we will upload the relevant forms to start the application process.